Our Institutions
Higher Educational Institutions

  1. Thanthai Hans Roever College, Indira Nagar, Elamabalur, Perambalur.
  2. Roever Engineering College, Elamabalur, Perambalur.
  3. Roever College of Engineering & Technology, Elamabalur, Perambalur.
  4. Roever Institute of Management(RIM), Elamabalur, Perambalur.
  5. Thanthai Roever College of Physiotherapy, Perambalur.
  6. Thanthai Roever College of Pharmacy, Perambalur.
  7. Thanthai Roever College of Nursing, Perambalur.
  8. Thanthai Roever School of Nursing, Perambalur.
  9. Thanthai Roever Institute of Medical Laboratory Technology, Perambalur.
  10. Thanthai Roever Polytechnic College, Elamabalur, Perambalur.
  11. Thanthai Hans Roever College of Education(B.Ed.,), Indira Nagar, Perambalur.
  12. Thanthai Hans Roever Teacher Training Institute for Co.Ed., Indira Nagar, Perambalur.
  13. Annai Angel Teacher Training Institute for Women, Perambalur.
  14. Thanthai Roever Institute of Agriculture and Rural Development.
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