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The Department of Microbiology was established in the year 1995, with the aim to provide quality teaching and research in microbiology and its importance with reference to latest developments in global scenario. The department consists of around 125 members, including 3 vibrant faculty members, 1 Lab assistant, 20 M.Phil research scholars, nearly 20 PG students and around 80 UG students. The department was started with strength of a faculty member with lesser students. At present 3 teachers are working in the department and all of them have specialized in various fields of microbiology. The students have access to the optimal use of laboratory facilities, updating scientific knowledge to enhance the potential skills for successful career. The main areas of research in the department include microbial pollution on aquatic systems, epidemiology, biofertilizers, mushroom/ vermi technology, probiotics, nanotechnology, microbial enzyme technology, bioactive principles/ compounds from microbes, antimicrobial/ anticancer/ antioxidant studies, bioremediation, and water/ food quality etc.

The department offers UG and PG level programmes on microbiology as well as M.Phil programme. The department produced twenty three university rank holders in the university level examinations up to 2014. The department has organized several guest lecture series and national level seminars in which reputed scientists from various institutions/organizations were invited. The students were motivated for higher learning process fittingly. Faculty members, M.Phil research scholars and students regularly participate and present their findings in national and international conferences/symposia/seminars. The students are trained on mushroom cultivation, organic farming and vermi composting to develop their knowledge and self employability. The department has produced nearly 100 candidates for award of M.Phil and more than twenty students are currently pursuing the M.Phil research. Many of the research students are well placed as college teachers, scientists, academic administrators, entrepreneurs, etc. Some of our former M.Sc., and M.Phil students have joined in research programme in reputed Institutes in India and abroad. The department faculty and students carry out high quality scientific research and publish its results in reputed national and international journals. Also it extends technical assistance to the state in addressing microbial-related issues, concerns and addresses, as appropriate, regional, national and international issues and concerns. A total of 30 research papers have been published by the faculties and students in international/ national journals in last five years. The members of faculty also offers consultancy & services in their respective fields of specialization.

Microbiology is an integrated subject fulfilling the need for basic as well as applied aspects of biology and prepares the students to become entrepreneur, teacher, researcher, or to fit into equipping themselves to the future needs along with the basic and applied knowledge of modern biology. This modern curriculum will benefit our younger generation of students who can contribute to the welfare of the society. The department aims on state-of-the-art laboratory facility with international standards and exchange of global scientific knowledge.


  • To develop high quality human resource required for both academics and industries as well as to pursue research in the frontier areas of Microbiology of international standard and to rise as center of excellence and information/ knowledge in the all fields of microbiology.


  • To train students in the field of Microbiology, provide value based education, with commitment to academic excellence and innovative research.

  • To undertake research activities relevant to present day needs such as emerging infections, drug developments, biofertilizers in agricultural fields, safety waste disposal/ management and water/ food quality control etc.

  • To develop knowledgeable, motivated and skilled entrepreneurs who can establish/ accompanies modern microbiological industries that could cater the need of the hour.

  • To create a biologically ethical, safe environment for the society.

Programme Outcome:

Acquires a comprehensive theoretical knowledge and practical training in applied areas of Microbiology.

Provides an integrated, theoretical and unique practical training platform in the field of Microbiology at local, national and international standards.

Provides a multidimensional knowledge for pursuing research in the field of Microbiology. Students can understand about the basic research methods and various data collection techniques.

B.Sc Microbiology

Programme Specific Outcome:

Students enable to get microbiological concepts, experimental results and analytical skills.

Course Outcome:

Students acquires the knowledge about microorganisms with their role and functions in both living and non-living things and also they will get knowledge about immune systems, diseases and micro and macro molecules.

M.Sc Microbiology

Programme Specific Outcome:

Students impart theoretical knowledge and advanced microbiological techniques with scientific concepts and analytical skills

Course Outcome:

Students acquires inclusive knowledge regarding immune responses, causative agents and role of microbes in food production and food spoilage.

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