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The History

The department of Physical Education was started in the year 2005. Right from its inception, it has been outstanding in sports, having produced good athletes and took part in South Zone and All India Inter University Tournaments every year. The department is offering under graduate course in Physical Education from 2010 onwards.


The Physical Education Program has a mission of a physically educated world where lifelong learning and physical activity are practiced by all. Our students are prepared to make lasting contributions to their profession, communities and society.


To develop and inculcate a strong personnel in the field of Physical Education and Sport.

Programme outcome

The department of physical education has taken precursory steps and has revised the curricula and syllabi to prepare thestudents to get immediate employment. To fulfill the needs of coexisting fields in sports, it has revised computer applications in sports science and yoga forhealth education courses to be fit the needs of the sports field.

Programme specific outcome

  • It developes good leadership quality among students
  • Studying physical education developes sportsmanship quality
  • To develop decipline among students.
  • Making the students to play and experience all type of games

Aims and Objectives

The aim of our department is to promote activities in the field of Sports and Games and also to provide a systematic and scientific training for the students.

To motivate the students in all the game, maintain proper discipline among students and to identify the skills of students and train them in the regular participations of the inter college meet conducted by Bharathidasan University and Inter University tournaments.

Play Field Facilities

The Department offers good facilities for the following games: Track and Field, Football, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Cricket, Ball Badminton, Volleyball, Table Tennis and Tennis.

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