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The Department of social work was established in the year 2002. It offers MSW programme under Choice Based Credit System. It focuses on the theoretical knowledge as well as practical exposure.

The curriculum is designed to offer field work training, research and block placement programme for excellent professional skill and practical exposure. The concurrent field work in each semester and Block placement training for one month in their areas of specialization like Clinical Social Work, Human Resource Management and Community Development enhances their employability skills. The course has Career avenues in NGOs, Industries, Hospitals and Government projects.


  • Create a world with harmony and love ensuring self respect and dignity of needy people through bringing social insights and developing social concerns of the social work students to serve fellow human beings.


  • To foster in the students a sense of Social Commitment by providing them professional training to render need based services to the community, facilitate the overall personality development and empower the students to take up the challenges of this dynamic profession.


  • ·         To be able to utilize social work practice theories and methods with individuals, families, groups and community
  • ·         To apply knowledge of human behavior and social environment
  •        To be able to utilize values and ethics of social work practice with diverse populations.


  • Medical and Psychiatry.
  •  Human Resource Management
  • Community Development.
  • Family and Child welfare.


  • ·         Students mastery of social work professionalism and values
  • ·         Commitment to social justice, understanding of human behavior and social environment
  • ·         Students graduate with specialized knowledge and skill needed for social work practice


  •        Equipped with knowledge and skills for informed practice
  •       Acquire knowledge, understanding and practice competence
  •       Assess, intervene  and evaluate with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities
  •        Ability to intervene appropriately on client’s behalf
  •         Identify as a professional social worker


  •  It addresses Human Values by describing what social work is and how human beings are to be helped with self respect and dignity. It enables to professionally help people and identify various social problems.
  •  It addresses Professional Ethics by explaining the direct method of working with individuals. It describes the process of helping individuals professionally with dignity and respect without discrimination.
  • It addresses Human Values by explaining the growth and development of human life span. The various theories of personality are described to understand the human behavior. It enables for analysis of human behavior which helps in practice of social work.