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   St. John Sangam Trust, Perambalur has over 50 years service of managing educational, social and charitable institutions, numbering more than 30 institutions in and around Perambalur. The Trust has established all these institutions in memory of a German Missionary, Reverend Hans Roever, who initially established a boy’s home in 1950s for students from around the region. Since 1978, under the vision and tireless hard-work of Dr. K. VARADHARAAJEN, the Chairman & Managing Trustee, the initial establishment has grown to include over 30 institutions of higher learning and social development. The Roever educational institutions have a proven track record of social development and gives preference to students from rural and poor families.

Higher Education

   Currently, under the auspices of the Trust, the Chairman & Managing Trustee Dr.K.Varadharaajen established and manages a wide range of educational, social and charitable institutions. A number of higher educational institutions, such as an Engineering College, Arts and Sciences College, Agricultural College, B. Ed College, College of Physiotherapy, College of Nursing, College of Pharmacy, Teacher Training Colleges, have been established throughout Perambalur district to give people of this region an opportunity to avail the best quality education at affordable and reasonable costs.

School Education

   Currently, The Chairman also established a number of high schools throughout Perambalur region to enable aspiring students from agricultural and economically backward families to benefit from affordable education. A total of 5 higher secondary schools, 2 high schools, 4 elementary schools have been established in various parts of Perambalur district and they have secured various state rankings and have established itself as a pioneer in providing quality education and producing top-class students. One such institute that leads the field is the Roever School of Excellence, which strives to educate high-caliber students to achieve academic excellence in all fields.

Social Activities

   Currently, One of the most important and less-publicized aspects of the Trust activities is the establishment of social welfare institutions such as orphanages for boys & girls, centers for physically and visually challenged, centers for the aged and homeless, rehabilitation center for alcohol and drug addiction, HIV/AIDS counseling center, short-stay homes for women and girls, working women’s hostel etc., which carries on its work on a charitable basis.

   The annual output of students is approximately 5000 and above. A total of 15000 students are currently enrolled in all the institutions. The Trust cares for over 1300 orphans, around 40 psychically and 70 visually challenged children etc. All Roever educational institutions have gained a good reputation as disciplined and academically excellent institutions. The Trust and the Roever educational institutions constantly strives to explore innovative ways to educate children from all over India and to instill in them discipline and confidence, along with a solid education, to face the world.

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