1. Imparting value based education since 1985

  2. Thanthai Hans Roever College was the first and only Higher Educational Institution which serves to the Perambalur District in Tamilnadu when it was started.

  3. It provides a quality and affordable higher education to the rural society.

  4. In more than 33 years of its service, helps more than 20000 graduates to achieve their ambition.

The College Commitment is to

    1. Supports the mission and vision of the College.

    2. Focus on student and stakeholder needs.

    3. Responds to the changing needs of our communities in a timely manner.

    4. Create new programs and services to meet identified needs.

    5. Utilizes a shared decision making process.

    6. Promotes trust through professional courtesy and fair treatment.

    7. Encourages creativity, innovation, and risk-taking.

    8. Takes responsibility for personal and professional growth and development.

    9. Ensures fair and equal access for all.