To blossom as an institution of excellence, enabling, empowering and enlightening the youth and shaping them as fully developed human beings with the capacity to unfold their full mental potentiality resulting in the attainment of the wisdom to live constructively and meaningfully.


To provide congenial and stress- free environment and opportunities for the enhancement of knowledge and acquisition skills through the best exposure and training possible.

To offer multifaceted and need-based academic programmes and to promote extension activities.

To adopt technology-enabled new methods, approaches and techniques so that the teaching-learning process becomes learner-centered and learner-friendly.

To maximize the participation of all the stakeholders in the development of the institution and the region.

To sensitize the youth towards inclusive growth for socio-economic change, sustainable development, gender equality, eco-friendliness, etc.

To enable the youth to experience the effects of globalization and facilitate them to grow as responsible citizens and leaders.

To inspire them, through value- based education, to embrace the entire humanity while firmly rooted in the Indian ethos.

To provide regular placement training and placement opportunities.

To kindle the spirit of creativity and enhance research activities and enable them to attain international standards.

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