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The B.Sc. Visual Communication Programme has been designed in response to the growing needs in India for good professional programme in “Visual Media”. A three year Bachelor’s Degree programme has been conceived to address this need. The aim of this programme is to introduce and prepare its students for a career in the Visual Media industry and at the same time maintain the academic ethos of a graduate study. The programme seeks to achieve this by providing an environment that would foster the gaining and deployment of knowledge, technical skills, methods and critical reasoning that would enable them to take the positions of key member in this rapidly developing and changing industry.


The common modules structure provides all the students with a rigorous understanding of the fundamental knowledge of key aspects of Visual Media. This provides a solid foundation for them to build upon which they study by way of their specialized modules. The overall aim of the B.Sc. Visual Communication subject provision has been identified as follows
  1. Enable the development of knowledge and strategic skills on a variety of platforms relating to the Visual Media Industry.

  2. Enable on to acquire a critical and strategically informed perspective of the evolving technologies used in the Visual Media Industry and their present applications and future development in this industry.

  3. Provide students with theoretical as well as a practical understanding of the relevant principles and processes relating to the Visual Media Industry.

  4. Ensure that students have a critical appreciation of their own work and that of their peers and articulate the same in a professional manner.

  5. Enhance the students interpersonal and project management skills which will enable them to be effective in a team based or networked production environment.

  6. Prepare the student for a career and related employment within their chosen specialty.

These aims have been formulated keeping in mind the dynamic nature of the Visual Media Industry and the state of the Visual Media Industry around the world and with particular reference to the Indian market.


  • To gain a holistic understanding of animation production from script to screen and provide the knowledge and skills necessary for becoming an animator.

  • To use drawing as a means of expression and communication and as an essential tool in the process of Visual communication.

  • Demonstrate the ability to respond to design brief through conceptual thinking, design work, appropriate use of sound, media and other methods of production including opportunities for simulated and “real world” involvement with the animation industry.

  • Develop the use of research methodologies appropriate to the discipline of Visual Communication.

  • Provide a variety of career pathway through introductions to the creative use of media, techniques, communication and develop an in depth knowledge of the specialist visual designer.


  • Students develop a practical understanding of the underlying principles of Visual Media Industry including elements of design, typography, digital video, animation, and preparing project proposals.

  • Students will be able to acquire, collate and develop judgment on the various software and hardware used in the Visual Media Industry. Students will know the background on the major developments and issues that were instrumental in the development of the Visual Media Industry.

  • Students will be able to use drawing processes and materials as a means of visual enquiry and self-expression. They would also produce a portfolio of designs and sketches of characters, environments and props. They will produce concept designs and storyboards as references for developing videos. They would demonstrate the adherence and the use of principles of design in all their work.

  • Students will understand and adapt the techniques of Direction and Cinematography in producing Videos.

  • Students will be able to plan and execute a short animated or film movie using a computer and camera. They will also develop understanding of the theories and practice of film editing and compositing and use them in their production.

  • They will also develop business knowledge which will enable them to manage projects and technology and knowhow to work as team in production environment.


  • Animators

  • Ad-film Makers

  • Short Movie Maker

  • Documentary Makers

  • Creative Director

  • Graphic Designer

  • Content Developer

  • Script Writers

  • Video Editors

  • Media Designer

  • Creative Photographer

  • Web designer

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