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Department Faculties

Academics Of Biotechnology

The pace of progress in biology creates a foundation that naturally gets picked up by the biotech and pharmaceutical industry to solve rich-world diseases. This is attractive science. It’s science that people want to work on.
– Bill Gates

The Department of Biotechnology was started in the year 2002, with aim to make an impact through research and technology based training. The Department offers four programmes in Biotechnology B Sc, M.Sc, M.Phil and Ph.D.

Biotechnology is a broad discipline which deals with various techniques employing biological processes, organisms (Microbes, plants and animals), cells or any biological material for a multitude of applications.

Biotechnology has created a revolution affecting the world over in every walk of life. Today, scientists from every branch of science are looking at biological models to solve their problems. Under the umbrella of biotechnology, various fields like microbiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, immunology, cell biology, have opened a great avenue for higher education and employment for the future generation. Hence, the department has formulated an efficient curriculum to impart knowledge and develop skills in students at the various interdisciplinary areas of life science which would directly contribute to the society.

A team of dedicated, efficient and qualified faculty members have made the department strong and viable. The department is well equipped with sophisticated laboratories, library and learning resources. Our students have been placed in various companies through campus placement The department strongly motivates the students towards research and higher studies by providing such an ambience so as to facilitate learning in all possible. The Department stands for its academic excellence, development of research skills and extension potential. Department encourages relative skills of students and helps them in transforming into reality.

Procuring university ranks is one of the regular phenomena of our Department.It also conducts regular outreach programmes on medicinal plants, preparation of herbal value added products and herbal medicines apart from skill development programmes like mushroom cultivation, Azolla cultivation, Microgreens and Spirulina cultivation.

Procurring university ranks is one of the regular phenomena of our Department.


The department offers the following programmes:

Under Graduate Programme:
  • B.Sc Biotechnology
Post Graduate Programme:
  • M.Sc Biotechnology
Research Programmes:
  • M.Phil. Biotechnology
  • Ph.D. Biotechnology


  • Generate adequate human resources trained in the multi-disciplinary field of Biotechnology to meet the requirement of trained personnel for the promotion of Biotechnology in India.
  • Equip students with theoretical and practical understanding of contemporary Biology and Biotechnology so that they can pursue research in frontier areas in Biotechnology.

Program outcome

Students those who are enrolling with Bachelor & Master of Science use to learn the basic knowledge about the art of creative technology along with science. This course of B.Sc, M.Sc& M.Phil includes respective modules of theory and practical in relative field of science.

Program Specific Outcome

Biotechnology is a field of applied biology that involves the use of living organisms and bio-processes in engineering, technology, medicine and other fields requiring by products.

Course Outcome

  • Understand the foundational concepts of molecular biology, microbiology, immunology, plant & animal biotechnology, cell Biology, rDNA technology and how these impact biotechnology research and development in the diverse fields that span healthcare and agriculture.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in basic laboratory skills common to clinical and non-clinical research laboratories, including aseptic technique, making accurate and precise measurements using balances and macro and micro-pipetting, using a microscope, preparing solutions, operating Current instrumentation, preparing samples for various analyses and maintaining a proper scientific laboratory notebook.
  • Design, perform and analyze results of experiments using basic molecular biology methodologies and recombinant DNA techniques, including agarose and poly acryl amide gel electrophoresis, restriction enzyme digestion, bacterial transformations, plasmid DNA protein expression, PCR and tissue culture.
  • Apply the fundamentals of molecular biology theories, methodologies and techniques by critically analyzing, interpreting, and presenting a recent and relevant scientific research paper that has been published in a refereed scientific journal.

We also conduct regular outreach programmes on medicinal plants, preparation of herbal value added products and herbal medicines apart from skill development programmes like

  • Mushroom cultivation
  • Azolla cultivation
  • Microgreens and Spirulina cultivation
  • Herbal plants cultivation
  • Vermicomposting

Industrial visits are organized to sensitize students to the practical challenges.

As we promote quality teaching, students have bagged consecutively top most University ranks and the pass percentages of the students have increased progressively. To enhance the research aptitude and learning process, students are encouraged to present papers in the conferences and to publish research journals .Students have participated in many Intra and inter-collegiate competitions and won many prizes. Students have also excelled in sports, NCC and NSS.


Dr.T.M.M. John Bastin


Assistant Professor



Assistant Professor



Assistant Professor



Assistant Professor



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Assistant Professor

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