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Department Faculties

Academics Of Botany

The department of Botany was started in the year 2018. Botany is the scientific study of plants. Many people do not realize that most of the basic biological processes are the same in both plants and animals. Plants, however, are the primary producers and provide the necessary living requirements for the entire animal kingdom. Plants have intrigued people for thousands of years. They provide aesthetic beauty as well as materials for our basic needs. The department is rendering the service for the rural people in and around Perambalur by imparting higher education in Botany. The UG laboratory is furnished with modern facilities, modern teaching.

The B.Sc Botany programme creates awareness on plant diversity and its conservation through tissue culture and obtains quality education in the basic and advanced areas of Botany. It also provides awareness of health care among students through the preparation of herbal medicines for common ailments. By acquiring practical skills, students gather information, assess, create and execute new ideas to develop entrepreneurial skills in the mushroom cultivation. The curriculum is designed and developed to suit the needs of the students for higher studies and self entrepreneurship. Faculties are actively engaged in research activities and publish papers in peer-reviewed journals. We also conduct regular outreach programmes on medicinal plants, preparation of herbal value-added products and herbal medicines apart from skill development programmes like Mushroom cultivation, Azolla cultivation, Microgreens and Spirulina cultivation. Vermicomposting preparation. Industrial visits are organized to sensitize students to the practical challenges. Students have participated in many Intra and inter-collegiate competitions and won many prizes. Students have also excelled in sports, NCC and NSS.


“Our vision is to conduct innovative teaching and outreach on the patterns and processes of life with a focus on plants and their environments.

To be a Centre of Excellence for Plant Science”

To explore and not to exploit the plant world.


To provide a student-centred and professions-oriented higher education that bestows academic environment to demonstrate and promote creative, intellectual inquiry with positive relationships among students, faculty enhance the learning experience a fruitful and outstanding one for future application in a dynamic world.

The Department seeks to impart quality higher education in life sciences to all with creativity to promote the highest level of academic accomplishment through training and teaching.

To encourage and enhance the Creative Skills of students and help them in transforming scientific knowledge into reality.
Programmes Offered

Under Graduate Programme:

B.Sc Botany

Program Outcome

  • Critical Thinking: To provide thorough curriculum made for the betterment of the students, enhance the ability and thinking power.
  • Effective Communication: the complete medium of the program is in English so students will communicate in the same.
  • Ethics: Convey and practice social, environmental and biological ethics.
  • Environment and Sustainability: Insist on the significance of conserving a clean environment for perpetuation and sustainable development.

Program Specific Outcome

  • Inculcate strong fundamentals on modern and classical aspects of Botany.
  • To make the students aware of applications of different plants in various industries.
  • Create a platform for higher studies in Botany.
  • To facilitate students for taking up and shaping a successful career in Botany.
  • To make the students aware of the conservation and sustainable use of plants.
    Course Outcomes
  • To provide thorough knowledge about various primitive plant groups.
  • To make the students aware of applications of different plants in various industries.
  • To highlight the potential of these studies to become an entrepreneur.
  • To study the different metabolic process for the synthesis of food material.
  • To equip the students with skills related to the laboratory as well as field-based studies.



M.Sc., M.Phil.,Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Dr. V. Karthikeyan

M.Sc., B.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D., PGDCA.,

Assistant Professor