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Accredited with ‘A’Grade by NAAC (3rd cycle) with CGPA 3.23 out of 4



Department Faculties

Academics Of English

English is a universal language that has brought people and cultures as one. In the existing global scenario, it has become the language of education, technology, trade and cross-cultural relations. English literature as a discipline caters to the inculcation of significances even as it enhances communicative skills, and thus grooms the holistic improvement of the people. Learning of literature thus contributes abundantly to society.

The Department of English was established in the year 2005. The Department offers various courses to enhance the literary knowledge along with language skills in particular and communication skills in general, for the students to attain international standards.


To develop a deepened understanding of language, richness of literature from past to present, enable them as a responsible individual would usher the harmonious society.


  • Enhancing control of English language skills.
  • Opening fresh avenues for personality improvement.
  • Strengthening the ability to analyze all forms of literary expressions and literary history.
  • Imbibing essential and universal values embedded in literature for life.
  • Exposure to various social and national values through the study of English literature and other resources.

Programmes Offered

The department offers the following programmes:

Under Graduate Programme:

  • B.A. English

Post Graduate Programme:

  • M.A. English

Research Programmes:

  • M.Phil. English
  • Ph.D. English

Program Outcome

  • Students will be able to write efficiently for a variety of professional and social settings. They will carry out writing as a process of motivated inquiry, engaging other writers’ ideas as they explore and develop their own.
    Program Specific Outcome
  • Students will develop an appreciation of how the formal elements language and genre shape meaning. Student will gain knowledge of the major tradition of literature written in English, and an appreciation for the diversity of literary and social voices within – and sometimes marginalized by those traditions. Student will develop the ability to read works of literary, rhetorical and cultural criticism, and deploy ideas from these texts in their own reading and writing. Student will develop a passion for literature and language. They will develop literature’s ability to elicit feeling, cultivate the imagination, and call as to account as humans.

Course Outcomes

  • Addresses Gender issues and focuses on means to avoid the discrimination of gender by introducing the women’s voice articulated in Literature from various countries.
  • Addresses human values to the students by focusing on Literary characterization and dramatic techniques.
  • Enables the students to prepare for the UGC Eligibility Tests and to train them to succeed in various competitive examinations.
  • Facilitates the students to understand the advanced skills used in spoken communication and to understand the importance of overall development of personality.


  • The Language Lab, equipped with individual computer facility that provides interactive programmed lessons on English grammar issues and communication. The individualized learning at the computer helps the students to pursue their training at their own pace. The one-to-one interaction between the teacher and the student provides a cordial ambience to the teaching-learning process, which is its unique aspect.
  • Bridge Course is conducted for all freshers in the beginning of their I semester to bridge the gap between school and collegiate education to meet the students communicative requirements.
  • Drama Shows and Slide Shows are arranged on various topics on the syllabus to create
    interest among the students.
  • Industrial visits are organized to sensitize students to the practical challenges


Mr. P.Abraham

M.A., B.Ed, M.Phil.

HOD, Assistant Professor

Mr. V.Renganathan

M.A., B.Ed, M.Phil.

Assistant Professor

Mr. E.C. Sivaprakash

M.A., B.Ed, M.Phil.

Assistant Professor

Mr. P.Jeeva

M.A., B.Ed, M.Phil.

Assistant Professor



Assistant Professor


M. A., M.Phil., M. Ed., M. Sc.,(yoga)

Assistant Professor



Assistant Professor

Mr. P.Yuvaraj

M.A., B.Ed.,

Assistant Professor


M.A., B.Ed.,M.Phil.,

Assistant Professor

Mr.P. Dinesh


Teaching Assistant