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(Affiliated to Bharathidasan University)

Accredited with ‘A’Grade by NAAC (3rd cycle) with CGPA 3.23 out of 4


Nutrition and Dietetics

Department Faculties

Academics Of Nutrition and Dietetics

“Nutrition is the only remedy that can bring full recovery and can be used with any treatment. Remember, food is our best medicine!.”
-Bernard Jensen
Nutrition and Dietetics is a specialization of the Science stream which deals with diet, nutrition, and food nutrients and gives an insight into the microbiology of food and their nutrients which are important for a healthy lifestyle.
Candidates who have pursued this course provide nutritional charts to their clients and help them with their fitness journey as they customise their nutrition intake according to their client’s health requirements.
The Department of Nutrition and Dietetics was established in the year 2023 at the Undergraduate level with well equipped laboratory and experienced staffs.The curriculum was framed to fulfill the needs of the students.


Enable Students to provide optimum health among all age groups by increasing the awareness on achieving good health.


  • To provide quality and excellence in teaching, learning and research for students in the field of Nutrition.
  • To create an enthusiastic and synergeticlearning environment.
  • To actively engage students in education and encourage them to mould theirpassion into profession.

Programme Outcomes:

  • PO1: Capable of demonstrating comprehensive knowledge and understanding of one or more disciplines that form a part of an undergraduate Programme of study.
  • PO2: Ability to express thoughts and ideas effectively in writing and orally; communicate with others using appropriate media.
  • PO3: Capability to apply analytic thought to a body of knowledge; analyse and evaluate evidence, arguments, claims, and beliefs on the basis of empirical evidence.
  • PO4: To extrapolate from what one has learned and applies their competencies to solve different kinds of non-familiar problems.
  • PO5: Ability to evaluate the reliability and relevance of evidence; identify logical flaws and holes in the arguments of others; analyze and synthesize data from a variety of sources.

Programme Specific Outcomes:

  • PSO1:Able to provide nutrition counseling and education to individuals, groups, and communities throughout the lifespan using a variety of communication strategies. 
  • PSO2: Inculcate a problem-solving mindset of the students through healthcare and industrial exposure of real world problems. 
  • PSO3:  Apply the knowledge of processing, preservation and bakery techniques in designing and enhancing the shelf life of new and existing products 
  • PSO4: Prepare and deliver with effective presentation aids to create awareness on nutrition and hygiene to the general public. 
  • PSO5: Equip them enough to do higher studies and go up to research level to become professionals. 




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