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(Affiliated to Bharathidasan University)

Accredited with ‘A’Grade by NAAC (3rd cycle) with CGPA 3.23 out of 4


Social Work

Department Faculties

Academics Of Social Work

Social Work, a practice-based profession and an academic discipline addresses life challenges and enhances well being of people. The myriad problems faced by the individuals, families and communities are dealt by the social work profession. The Department of social work offers the programme since its establishment in the year 2002 with the focus on equipping the students with theoretical knowledge and skills needed for social work practice. It offers MSW programme under Choice Based Credit System.

The curriculum is designed to offer field work training, research and block placement for enhancing professional skill and practical exposure. The field work in each semester and Block placement training for one month in their areas of specialization develops their employability skills. The courses offered are relevant to contemporary need and has career avenues in NGOs, Industries, Hospitals and Government projects.



  • Create a world with harmony and love ensuring self-respect and dignity of needy people through bringing social insights and developing social concerns of the social work students to serve fellow human beings


  • To foster in the students a sense of Social Commitment by providing them professional training to render need-based services to the community
  • To facilitate the overall personality development
  • To empower the students to take up the challenges of this dynamic profession.

Programme offered:

Postgraduate Programme:

  • M.S.W Master of Social Work

Programme Outcomes

  • Gain advanced knowledge and newer opportunities for being employable in public and private sectors, research and development organizations
  • Adopt new technologies
  • Appreciate the diversity of behaviour in professional practice and act in accordance with the core values of chosen profession
  • Demonstrate the knowledge, values and skills to be critical consumer of research practice and possess investigative skills to evaluate the practice

Program Specific Outcomes

  • Equipped with knowledge, understanding and practice competence making them employable
  • Apply knowledge on utilization of social work administration and conduct evidence based research by enhanced technical knowledge and analytical skills
  • Assess, intervene and evaluate with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities.
  • Commitment to social justice, understanding of human behavior and social environment and ability to intervene appropriately on client’s behalf
  • Utilize values and ethics of social work practice with diverse populations and identify as a professional social worker.

University Ranks

Class Year Name  



MSW 2014-2015 A. Jenifer 7
MSW 2015-2016 G. Suganya 12
MSW 2015-2016 M. ArunBellarmin 15
MSW 2016-2017 M. Joseph 6
MSW 2016-2017 J. AncyPriskilla 8
MSW 2016-2017 S. Manikandan 14
MSW 2017-2018 S. Kethcee 9
MSW 2018-2019 S. Sumithra 10
MSW 2019-2020 R. Sowmiya 17


Funded Projects

Name of the Staff Project  Title Funding Agency Amount

(in lakhs)



Dr. S. Sumathi A Study on attitude of parents towards child marriage in Perambalur district UGC,        New Delhi 1, 95, 000 2014-2016
Ms. T. Geetha A Study on psycho-social well-being of the parents of migrants workers in Perambalur UGC,       New Delhi 1, 80, 000 2014-2016
Ms. N. Kokila A Study on educational status among  gypsy children  living in Trichy and Perambalur district UGC,        New Delhi 1, 50, 000 2015-2017


Dr. S. Sumathi

M.A(SW), M.Sc.(Psy), NET,PhD

HOD, Associate Professor